QBN House

Casa QBN

Casa QBN

House refurbishment
Viana do Castelo

Project              Mar 2017 – Apr 2019

Construction   Oct 2019 – ...

The site of the QBN house is characterized by the presence of large variety of trees and bushes, terraces in different levels supported by stone masonry walls, schist paths and granite elements.

The pre-existing construction is divided into two volumes made in stone masonry, the building was previously used as a wine cellar and as a classroom in ancient times.

The access is made by the top floor level where the common areas are developed and where the view to the landscape is more present. On the lower floor, the private areas have direct contact with the terrain, the existing openings are maintained and is proposed to open new ones.


360 m2


Engilima Projectistas e Construtores, Lda


Construções Irmãos Carvalho, Lda