Urban Regeneration

Regeneração Urbana

Regeneração Urbana

Competition | 1stPRIZE
Viana do Castelo

Jan – Feb 2013

Pilot-project “Fazer acontecer a Regeneração Urbana” was a public competition of ideas for the Urban regeneration of an area in the Historic Centre of Viana do Castelo.

The project tried to reoccupy and rehabilitate old buildings and create new ones mainly for housing, requalify the public space with new green areas. The proposal is based in the regeneration of buildings through the implementation of new programs - as a Science Center for experiments and investigation and an Art and Technologic Center with direct role in the development of companies or startups - with the goal of generating and developing knowledge, innovation and growth.


Public space   18 500 m2

Buildings            11 000 m2